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About A-Star TimbersServing British Columbia since 2006

Timber framing, an age-old European tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, has demonstrated its remarkable durability over the centuries. Originally, integral stonework provided protection from external threats, a testament to its strength. However, in today’s world, you won’t need such fortifications—just the comfort and warmth of an A-Star timber frame.

The evolution of timber framing, from humble hammer, chisel, saw, and axe to cutting-edge computerized machinery, reflects the industry’s embrace of modern technology. At our company, we’ve chosen a balanced approach, utilizing hand-controlled power tools alongside chisels to meticulously craft the finest details.

While our joinery techniques remain rooted in tradition, we’ve also embraced innovation. We incorporate the strength of dovetail joints, one of the sturdiest connections in woodworking, to create unique and distinctive products. When necessary, we can seamlessly integrate engineered components to meet specific project requirements.

Andy Starling A-Star Timbers Founder

Andy Starling

Get to knowAndy Starling

With more than 25 years of dedicated experience in the construction industry, Andrew has honed his skills and expertise to transform your wildest ideas into tangible reality.

A master craftsman, his nimble fingers are ever-eager to grasp a pencil and collaborate with you to design and manifest your dreams.

Andrew’s extensive background spans the realm of both handcrafted and machine-cut frame construction, contributing to the successful realization of numerous high-value projects. His proficiency in handling diverse projects showcases his versatile approach to construction.

As part of his commitment to giving back to the industry that sustains him, Andrew has also dedicated his time to teaching carpentry at Okanagan College, sharing his wisdom and fostering the next generation of skilled professionals.

A Green Future with Sequestered Carbon

Timber frames offer numerous advantages over conventional building materials, including creating a negative carbon impact!

The process of turning trees into timber generates fewer greenhouse gases than the production of traditional materials like steel and concrete, inherently reducing our carbon footprint. However, it’s the remarkable ability of timber to capture and store carbon from the atmosphere, sequestered carbon, that truly sets it apart in sustainable construction. By choosing our timber frame solutions, you not only embrace superior craftsmanship and architectural beauty but also actively participate in addressing climate change and fostering a more environmentally responsible future. 

More Wood Produced Than Used
Amount of Carbon in Wood*
* In the Pacific Northwest 129 lbs of carbon dioxide equivalent was released for each cubic meter of lumber produced. However, nearly 1,900 lbs of carbon dioxide equivalent is stored. A net benefit of 1,770 lbs of carbon dioxide sequestered per cubic meter of lumber as per the 2023 International Mass Timber Report.
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